NRA's Central Entry. This is where you will enter all NRA Rodeos except for the NRA Finals.
Entries are ALWAYS Mondays 10 am to 6:00 pm (Mountain time).
Call-backs are ALWAYS Tuesdays Noon to 6:00 pm (Mountain time).
Entries for the NRA/NWRA Finals will be take at (406)252-1122.


Have the following in front of you before you call
• NRA Card Number
• NRA Card Numbers for buddies. Buddy groups will be limited to four contestants per
event, six positions total. Please be aware the size of your buddy group may affect
your chances of receiving your 1st preference.
• Your Rodeo Schedule
• Your "First" and "Second" preferences and whether or not you will be using "outs"
(Remember you are not guaranteed your preference. "Out" is designed to help you avoid being up at a rodeo you can not make. When you draw number comes up and your preferences are already filled, you will be drawn out).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are calling from a cell phone, make sure to have a good signal! When your call gets dropped it means more time for you to get through again & more work for Central Entry.

During Entries and Call-backs you will be given a confirmation number. Write this number down!! All Entries and Call-backs are tape recorded.

Central Entry 406.256.6488

The above number is for Entries and Call-backs ONLY.
For questions regarding membership and rules call the NRA Office 406.252.1122

If you are trading on Tuesday during call backs please call the Central Entry Office 406.256.6488.

For all other Trades, Turn-outs, Medical-outs and Vet-outs call the NRA Office 406.252.1122.


BB-Bareback Riding; SB-Saddle Bronc Riding; BR-Bull Riding; SW-Steer Wrestling; TD-Tie Down Roping; TR-Team Roping; LBR-Ladies Barrel Racing; LBAR-Ladies Breakaway Roping; JBR-Junior Barrel Racing; JBAR-Junior Breakaway Roping.

EO-Entries Open CB-Call Backs
All bull riding entry fees have an additional $26 assessed ($25 for day money jackpot, $1 for secretary.)
All rodeos are trade-out rodeos unless otherwise indicated.
All rodeos accept permits unless otherwise indicated.
All team roping entry fees are per man unless otherwise indicated.
All rodeos are in Montana unless otherwise indicated.
All rodeos impose a $8 stock charge per event ($4 per man in Team Roping), a $5.00 central entry charge, $2.00 finals fee charge, $2.00 jacket charge and a $3.00 judges’ fee per contestant including junior events, unless otherwise indicated.
All rodeos are entered through NRA Central Entry, (406)256-6488

2017 Schedule/Approvals

Rodeo Date Books Open
Conrad  June 3 & 4  
Culbertson  June 9 & 10  
Poplar  June 10 & 11  
Gardiner June 16 & 17  
Wilsall  June 17 & 18  
Big Timber  June 23 & 24  
Polson June 23 & 24  
Harlowton July 2 & 3  
Ennis July 3 & 4  
Choteau  July 4th  
Butte July 7 & 8  
Three Forks  July 14 & 15  
East Helena  July 14 - 16  
Eureka  July 21 & 22  
Scobey  July 31st  
Townsend  August 4 & 5  
Superior  August 4 & 5  
Twin Bridges  August 11 & 12  
Deer Lodge August 18 & 19  
Wibaux  August 26th  
Boulder  August 26 & 27  
Hamilton  September 1 & 2  
Helmville  September 3 & 4  
NRA Finals October 5 - 7  

2017 Long Listing

Coming soon.